Who am I?

Hello and thank you for being here.

I have a confession; on the outside I appear very ordinary and actually, I started off by writing a parenting blog –  again, ordinary.  BUT I am actually far from it!  By this I don’t mean that I’m strange or weird (although I’ll let you be the judge of that) – I just sometimes see or approach things in a different way to the norm.  Why parent, consume and travel like everyone else?  And why assume that there is only one way to achieve your goals?  Don’t be afraid to be different – you might be the only one headed in the right direction!  Ofsted, the UK teaching assessment board think I’m an Outstanding Teacher, so I must be doing something right 🙂



Let me explain my logo.  When you go to a 3D movie, you put on a pair of blue and red spectacles to help to get a sense of depth.  Well, I see the world through a mixture of green (love of nature) and rose-tinted optimism.  I suppose that at this point I should say that my optimism is on a personal level for my own family’s future and not necessarily for the future of mankind as a whole (Trump, Brexit, mass shootings the DPRK… arrrrrrghhhhhh!!!!!!!!).

My personal optimism is because…

My soboyn is awesome!  The credit for this mostly goes to him of course, but also he’s had some strong guidance from both his Dad and me.  It’s very fashionable to claim that it’s too difficult to be a good parent and that we need thousands of gadgets to raise our kids to adulthood.  We’re not all struggling to get our kids to bed on time, hulking around thousands of snacks or employing bribery to get our kids to eat their dinner: actually, some of us are doing rather well at this parenting lark (but are too afraid to admit this to people that we actually know!)    My husband is naturally a pretty great parent, but I have to admit to having had somewhat of a head start.  I have been a high school and college teacher in the UK for over 10 years, teaching classes of up to 30 students with a whole range of interests, aptitudes and needs.  Up until this year, I was working but have since moved to the USA where I am a stay at home parent for now.  This has allowed me to be on both sides of the fence in terms of working / non working. I have plenty of ideas to share on what has helped my son develop into the fun, creative and kind boy that he is.


fireFIRE (Financial independence and early retirement).  I am a huge fan of Mr Money Mustache and, in case you haven’t heard of him, his tagline is “Early retirement through badassity”.  My family of 3 (me, my husband and 5 year old son) are working hard to become financially independent.  Loads of posts to come on this, but needless to say that you will never see me mindlessly buying a daily Starbucks!  If it wasn’t shamelessly ripping off his “brand”, I’d very happily call my blog Mustachioed Mummy.



I don’t currently have a car, and although I am looking forward to having one again in the UK when I return this summer, the experience of being car-less has been very positive.  I think I’ll need a whole post to explain this one.  Watch this space!


Airplane_silhouette_orange.svg.pngThe combination of my son being awesome and more independent now that he is 5; our living in the USA for a few years and having the means to travel more means that we’ve visited some wonderful places in this last year.  My husband has to travel for work a lot (boo), but due to some strategically chosen loyalty schemes our personal travel is often heavily subsidised 🙂


Hashtag_SymbolVerybritishproblems are absolutely hilarious and I identify with a lot of them BUT I’m feeling a lot more positive and less socially stiff after living in the USA for a while!  There are lots of things that are better about living in the UK too, but Americans as a general rule are a lot more friendly, welcoming and they don’t overthink things in a @soverybritish way!  I think that I will return to my homeland changed forever in a wonderful way.  Thanks America!